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Our tools have created a step-by-step roadmap to network monetization.

Captive Portal Tool

Captive portals are a web page that newly connected network users must interact with prior to being given internet access on your network and can turn your network into a powerful advertising revenue machine.

Analytics Tool

Network analytics tool collects and analyzes data from devices on your network to build a database of information. Our analytics engine compares incoming data with preprogrammed models to identify anomalies and recommends actions to improve advertisement performance.

Community Portal

Our community portal connects people in the community with similar interests, allowing them to share information, network, and connect. 

Consulting for Companies

Networks, Broadband, Owner Hosted Internet. We can help.

Consulting for Brands

Bringing Brands Closer to their Current and Potential Customers.

Alternative Solutions

Traditional is Old and Outdated. Our Alternative Solutions work.

Pioneers in connecting brands with customers.